Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Batman v Superman [Spoiler Free Review]

Some of the thoughts in this review were presented on Twitter right after I got out of the theater (@umbralwalker). They've been collected, updated, and expanded here, including a few observations that I've untangled from the emotional weave of my post-BvS confusion. There is one minor spoiler that I point out ahead of time, everything else is a discussion about the film as a film. For a spoiler-full review and in-depth discussion, keep an eye out for the IndieApocalypse podcast recording this week and likely dropping next week. You can find our pre-release comics-in-media episode here.

Zack Snyder has a strange way of making me feel very little as I come out of his movies. I never take the emotional ride he seems to want to provide. Man of Steel (MOS) was fine, for example. It had seeds of interesting bits wrapped in jerky pacing, emotionless scene transitions, and strange plot choices. It was so “fine” that it was irrelevant to me, actually. This one, though…

To TL;DR, it was better than MOS; which I felt was "fine" so take that as it is. But the story is far more complicated than "did I like it" or "did I feel like it was a hot mess".

Bizarrely complicated.