Monday, October 26, 2015

Real Time Review: Supergirl Pilot

In case you’ve never read one of my Real Time Reviews, it’s where I watch a show and write down my immediate impressions. I will sometimes pause the show if there is something particular I need to reflect on, but I typically wait until “commercial” breaks to do so. For some shows, there are long pauses because I’m so caught up in it I’m more interested in watching than writing. If there is a lot of exposition, it’s likely the show didn’t click with me because I’m happy to pause and reflect on my gut reactions.

Interested in superhero movies and TV? The fantastic Crysstal Hubbard (director of the upcoming fan film Supergirl: Unburdened) and I take over the IndieApocalypse podcast and don't hold back.

From the IndieApocalypse site:

"We discuss both Marvel and DC and pull out some deep cuts in film, comics and animation. Crysstal and Rich steal the show and we are now more educated on comics than ever before."